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Peris Featured as ALA Capital Chapter’s Business Partner of the Week

Peris Construction is a long-time sponsor of the Association of Legal Administrators Capital Chapter and was recently selected as the its Business Partner of the Week. Below is white paper from Jeff Pellegrino, President & CEO, which was featured on the chapter’s website.

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A Good Construction Company Is Like A Good Marriage

In 1991, I founded Peris Construction at my kitchen table. I married my wife, Sherri, on January 17, 1991, which also is the day the first Gulf War began. There wasn’t enough chaos in my life, so I started a construction company. After 27 years, I can safely say that my marriage and my company are still going strong! How, you may ask, do these two stories have anything to do with your law firm renovation project? Let me count the ways.

Law firm renovations take a team to execute your vision. Brokers, construction managers, architects, interior designers, furniture vendors and IT consultants must collaborate with your Managing Partner, Partners, Associates and key support staff to develop a comprehensive plan to move your firm into a new space. Ideally, these folks have all worked together for a long time. For example, the broker and construction manager have 20 years working together. The architecture and design team have worked with you over the past 20 years. The furniture vendor and IT consultant can finish each other’s sentences since they have completed projects together for 20 years. Stop reading here if that’s the case on your most recent move!

Now I have your attention: The statement above has probably never happened in the lifetime of law firm moves! Professional staff in the real estate business remain remarkably fluid as they move in and out of firms, taking best practices and personnel with them to the next opportunity. What if there was one rock-solid group that has worked together for over 20 years, in a collegial, cooperative and successful manner, delivering high quality projects to you and your peers? Wouldn’t it be cool to know that these folks live and die on this repeat business?

Peris’ principals have worked together for over 20 years. Our history of success is quantifiable. The reputations of these teams can be researched and confirmed. Success on similar projects can be validated. Look at the history of repeat business from your peers when you contemplate selecting a general contractor for your next renovation project. How long have the project manager and superintendent worked together? Who is on the subcontractor’s roster, and how long have they been working happily with this subcontractor? You might even drill down to inquire how many projects has the superintendent worked with the lead foremen proposed to do the assignment? These professional and personal relationships are so important when going the extra mile, and pulling the project to the finish line. What is their commitment to completing your project on time and on budget?

Peris’ leadership has complete confidence in our ability to delivery projects at any level of complexity. We’ve seen it all over the last 27 years. We believe it’s not the “size of the bench” that matters, but the depth of their commitment. Much like a successful marriage, a good construction company has a depth of commitment, similar give and take, always with an eye on the same ball and the same goals. As with all relationships (and projects), there will be bumps in the road. A sizable bench can help, but it can also lead to finger pointing and avoiding responsibility. Bring a team in early to test their commitment to you. Select the team with the most history together, can finish each other’s sentences, and have a common goal that will ensure the most happy ending. Just like a marriage!